The Owens Community College Civic Action Plan aligns with the vision/mission of the Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement of Presidents and Chancellors. “ In the mid-1980’s, a group of higher education leaders came together based on a shared concern about the future of American Democracy.  Motivated by their conviction that amidst pressures toward personal acquisition and personal advancement, their students were not learning to think, speak and act in the service of the public good, they resolved that higher education must reclaim its historic mission of preparing the next generation of citizens to achieve public goals and solve public problems.

This group – a handful at first, and more than one hundred within a year – decided to take action.  They became the founders of Campus Compact.  Their chosen language – a compact – signified a commitment to each other to work together to advance the public purposes of higher education on their campuses, in their communities, and across the country.  It also signified a commitment to honor the longstanding compact between higher education and the public.” (Creating a Great civic Action Plan – Campus Compact)

Owens Community College is ideally poised to present a public proclamation of commitment to community service.  As our campus changes, enrollment changes, political and economic climates change and governments change, we remain a steadfast asset to Northwest Ohio and to helping individuals become active, engaged and employed citizens of this community.

The Owens Community College Mission States:

We believe in serving our students and our communities.  Your success is our mission

Our Vision:

Owens Faculty and staff are committed to strengthening the community by providing a superior educational experience through excellent, innovation and collaboration.

President Mike Bower took a very positive step in supporting our work in civic engagement by signing the Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement and committing to put principles of civic learning into action.  Dr. Bower has solicited a Civic Action planning team consisting of administration, faculty, staff and student representation to put forth an attainable and beneficial plan, for student, faculty, community partners, et al.

Our Civic Action plan seeks to highlight an emphasis on citizenship and community building, pulling from multiple campus and community partnerships to develop mutually beneficial experiential learning opportunities for students that include:  career development, cultural fluency, critical thinking/problem solving, oral/written communication, teamwork/collaboration, digital technology, leadership and professionalism.  A campus of engaged faculty and staff focus on producing students that advance the public purpose and are well prepared to address the challenges of society post-graduation.  We aim to have stellar communication to increase morale and impact as well as create an atmosphere with an impenetrable influence on community.

Our campus is in a state of transition, shifting financial resources and re-defining program boundaries to be able to best serve our students and therefore the communities they serve and build. We have recently been released from a state of Ohio fiscal watch and we remain conservative and vigilant about spending and financial stability. This plan will outline and define plans for increased collaboration, institutional outcomes, assessment strategies and professional development planning that support our goal of active citizenship both prior to graduation and beyond.