At the core of NCC’s commitment to community engagement is the Center for Civic and Community Engagement.  Founded in 2014, the Center is a direct result of committee discussions based on one of the College’s five original strategic focus areas: community engagement.  (a 6th focus area was added in 2017). The creation of a Center on campus was deemed highly important and garnered enthusiastic support from the President and his Cabinet.  A retreat was facilitated by the Director of Pennsylvania Campus Compact in order to move the process forward.  A mission was created by the group of faculty, staff, students and community partners in attendance: To coordinate learning opportunities and mobilize resources that will foster the personal and professional development of our students and our community.

Following is a summary of civic and community engagement related activities over the past 19 years.  Showcasing its current status and projected growth in each category, the Center is poised to move forward in a more holistic, comprehensive manner by strategically focusing in on the following key areas: service learning and community service.