Marquette University Overview

Marquette University is a Catholic, Jesuit institution located in the urban heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and our future success is intertwined with and dependent upon the health, vitality, and success of our community. Throughout its 135-year history, Marquette has remained steadfast in its mission “to develop men and women who will dedicate their lives to the service of others, actively entering into the struggle for a more just society.” The mission statement is shaped by four foundational pillars -- excellence, faith, leadership and service – which guide Marquette’s decisions and activities. An ethos of service runs deeply in the self-understanding of the university and its graduates; and, the commitment to building a better world links alumni across generations. Beyond its clear aforementioned missional commitment, Marquette has embedded civic engagement in its strategic plan, Beyond Boundaries, designating “Social Responsibility through Community Engagement” as one of six themes, and ensuring it is appropriately co-stewarded through oversight by the Vice President of Public Affairs, and the Executive Director of Community Engagement. Marquette’s mission and strategic plan, which are well publicized and familiar to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, make clear that the university’s purpose is inextricably tied to engagement with the Milwaukee community and the wider world.

Our Community

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a rich history and a strong diversity of residents and culture and like many cities around the country, the downtown is undergoing a renaissance; however, the broader city continues to struggle with challenging issues including segregation and poverty. Such racial and economic inequalities manifest in other social justice issues such as crime, incarceration, educational access, health disparities, and housing discrimination. Similar issues effect communities nationally, and globally, and it is critical that we broaden our strategic efforts and community partnerships, and renew our sense of commitment to civic engagement.

Primary Goals

  1. Cultivating new and deepening existing bi-/multi-directional local, national, and global partnerships through research, teaching, and service, Marquette University will uplift the abundance and respond to the most pressing needs of our community.
  2. Utilizing our role as a leading anchor institution in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marquette University will galvanize university, government, industry, resident and nonprofit partners to generate increased economic opportunity through commercial and residential investment.

Strategic Plan Action Items

  1. Position Marquette as a pivotal resource for addressing key community issues
  2. Address key community issues through outreach, service, innovation and the scholarship of engagement
  3. Promote justice, ethics, and service as key elements of the Marquette experience locally, nationally and globally