Civic Education Across the Curriculum offers faculty in all disciplines rationales and resources for connecting their service-learning efforts to the broader goals of civic engagement. Campuses promoting engagement are beginning to tie service-learning practices to their civic mission of preparing students for participation in a diverse, democratic society. There are, however, few resources for faculty—especially those in fields not traditionally linked with civic education—to think about how civic engagement might be incorporated into their own disciplinary perspectives and course goals. This volume distills a wide range of disciplinary perspectives on citizenship into usable conceptual frameworks. It provides concrete examples of course materials, exercises, and assignments that can be used in service-learning courses to develop students’ civic capacities, regardless of disciplinary area. This volume will assist faculty in their own curricular work as well as enable them to combine their individual initiatives with others across their campus.   

Table of Contents:
  • Assignments & Exercises Contained in the Appendix Preface
  • 1) The Rationale: Evidence of a Crisis in Democratic Civic Education
  • 2) Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum
  • 3) What Is Good Citizenship? Conceptual Frameworks in the Social Sciences
  • 4) What Is Good Citizenship? Conceptual Contributions from Other Disciplines
  • 5) Beyond Conceptual Frameworks: The Practical Skills of Engaged Citizenship
  • 6) What Is Good Citizenship? Student Voices
  • 7) Being Attentive to the Civic Dimensions of Service-Learning References Appendix