Sinda Nichols Named Campus Compact Field Data Fellow for 2023-2024

Carleton College Director of the Center for Community and Civic Engagement will support field-wide research

sinda nichols headshotCampus Compact today announced that Sinda Nichols, Director of the Center for Community and Civic Engagement at Carleton College, will serve as the Field Data Fellow for the 2023-2024 academic year.

As the Field Data Fellow, Sinda will work with scholars in the field to better understand the current landscape of the civic/community engagement professional and use this knowledge to create a comprehensive survey to gather information to inform practice within the field. Sinda will leverage our network of campuses to support this research with the intention of disseminating the results to learn from best practices in the field.

Sinda will be one of the new and returning fellows who make up the 2023-2024 cohort of Campus Compact fellows, a group of experienced practitioners, scholars, and field leaders who will advance Campus Compact’s work in key areas, including community colleges, dialogue and deliberation, student-led engagement, rural serving institutions, anti-racist community engagement, federal policy, intercultural development, field-level research and recognition, and executive leadership.