Campus Compact

Join us for the launch of a significant book that tackles the critical issue of community engagement in higher education. Anti-Racist Community Engagement: Principles and Practices is a thought-provoking publication that focuses on the community-engaged traditions that BIPOC academics and community members have created through more than a century of collaboration across university and community.

The book showcases how students, community members, staff, and faculty have put distinct principles into practice, both within and beyond college and university campuses in ways that center anti-racist values and attempt to pivot away from the traditional, higher education-centric, and “white savior” ways of doing community engagement teaching, research, and practice.

Comprising four sections, this book offers valuable insights and practical guidance:

  • Section 1 explores the reframing of institutional and pedagogical practices to counteract the persistence and impact of racism on our campuses and within our community engagement work.
  • Section 2 shares promising practices that promote critical reflection on individual and systemic racism, examining positionality, bias, and the historical roots of systemic racism.
  • Section 3 delves into intentional learning and course design through anti-racist learning goals, course content, policies, and assessment.
  • Section 4 shows how authors have developed compassionate and reflective classrooms by creating contexts of belonging that acknowledge student cultural assets and contributions and meet students where they are to co-create a supportive, anti-racist learning environment.


  • An introduction of the book

  • Lighting talks from authors that highlight the four sections

  • Q&A