Webinar on Host Community Impacts & Insights, Feb 19, Noon EST

February 2, 2016

International Service Learning: Engaging Host Communities (Routledge Research in International and Comparative Education) “explores the impact of ISL programs on members of host communities (e.g. host families and local partner NGOs) who are increasingly influenced by the presence of international students in their lives. Drawing upon post-colonial, feminist and other critical and decolonizing theories, it examines the complicated power relations between North American ISL students and host communities in East and West Africa, the Caribbean and Central America.” Webinar participants will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with Dr. Marianne A. Larsen, volume editor, as well as several contributors, including:

Discussion will be moderated by

Prepare for the webinar by reading the book’s stimulating introduction (graciously shared by the publisher, Routledge).

As with previous globalsl webinars, the aim is not to share information didactically but to engage conversation. While the presenters will offer as much as thirty minutes (total) of framing and overview, the bulk of the one and a half hour webinar will be dedicated to discussion with participants. Participation is therefore limited to the first 30 individuals to register.

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globalsl’s next webinar will be on Wednesday, March 2, also at noon EST. The topic will be frameworks for ethical global engagement, with guests including Gonzalo Duarte, Philip Mudge, and Judith Lasker.

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