Content with Topics : Engaged Scholarship

Randy Kritkausky

Randy has worked very closely as a commuity partner with Middlebury College and has much to offer around topics of service-learning, community partner development, global citizenship issues. He has been appointed Research Scholar in the Environmental Studies Program at Middlebury College. He could talk from the faculty viewpoint, as well as the community partner viewpoint; he is a strong advocate of community engagement in higher education.

Robert Franco

long-time Engaged Scholar and Senior Faculty Fellow, knowledgeable about institutional change and assessment

Christina Bechstein

Christina is an excellent presenter and an experienced, thoughtful practitioner of service learning in the arts and successful

Henry Taylor

Great keynote speaker. Talked about regional planning and poverty issues

Rick Battistoni

longtime Consulting Corps member

Jackie Schmidt-Posner

Jackie has over 2 decades of experience in service-learning. She is a strong presenter, having led many service-learning presentations to various audiences over the years. Great at doing SL 101 or strategizing about institutionalization at Research Universities.

David Scobey

David is a national figure in the campus civic engagement world. As a faculty member, director, and board member of national organizations, he has extensive experience in building academic civic engagement programs, campus/community partnerships, and has fostered the role of the arts and humanities in public life. He is the chair of the National Advisory Board of Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life.

Rosalyn Jacobs Jones

former Consulting Corps member

Randy Stoecker

great focus on community side of civic engagement

Cathy Burack

Strong facilitator; very pleasant to work with; excellent communication skills; very knowledgeable of service-learning, civic engagement, higher education; strong research background; great on a panel

Georgia Nigro

Georgia has over fifteen years of experience with service learning. She has used different forms of service learning in both lower and upper level courses. One particular area of interest is in community based research. Georgia and her students have partnered with a large variety of agencies that serve children and youth.

Josef Hellebrandt

longtime Campus Compact Consulting Corps member

Charles Strain

former Ehrlich Award finalist, administrative leader, understands moral development theory, supports “lattice” of opportunities for students (formerly a “ladder”) with asset-focused approach

Christine Cress

Excellent facilitation and training skills; Outstanding research, evaluation, and assessment skills and a great trainer on these subjects as well. Expertise in higher education; research on service learning; I have used her repeatedly for trainings, consultations with campuses, and for our own evaluation, research and assessment work. She is a faculty member and chair of her department, so she carries that clout as well.Strong background in student affairs, career development, faculty development, and diversity work.

Barbara Rich

Barbara has been a regional consultant for Campus Compact in New England for years. She is a thoughtful and engaging workshop leader on service learning and on the ethical dimensions of our work. She also has on-going experience with international service learning.

Sherril Gelmon

longtime member of the Consulting Corps

Ande Diaz

dynamic person, passionate about intergroup dialogue, research, etc.

Nadinne Cruz

Excellent experience in service-learning, diversity, community partnerships; Inspirational speaker – eloquent with words; excellent facilitation skills; process oriented

Joe Bandy

Joe has extensive experience in service learning leadership, even as a junior faculty member. He has incorporated service learning in his sociology courses by having students interview Bowdoin faculty about their concerns and support of s-l and has been instrumental in the success of the development service learning on his campus.

J. Richard Kendrick, Jr.

Richard Kendrick (Ph.D., Syracuse University) is the founding director of SUNY Cortland’s Institute for Civic Engagement. He has held this position for the past five years, and he has been a service-learning practitioner since 1994. He oversees a program that includes service-learning, community outreach, and economic development initiatives. He has been successful at working with faculty, staff, students, and community partners to attract funding from local, state, and national funding sources (e.g., the MacDonald Foundation, New York Campus Compact, the Corporation for National and Community Service, and the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission). At the same time he has been successful…