The Latest on Fair Trade Learning: Forum on Education Abroad Presentation

March 26, 2015

Colleagues across campuses and community organizations have continued to dialogue about and advance Fair Trade Learning. After emerging as a response to the alarming marketization and perverse incentives embodied by the international volunteer sector, Fair Trade Learning continues to move forward a set of strategies that infuse global partnerships with reciprocity and ethics.

Today’s presentation at the Forum on Education Abroad Conference, below, first situates Fair Trade Learning within the last several decades of international education history. It then shares the ideal’s origins and considers rubrics for discussing the various commitments with university and community stakeholders. Finally, the Foundation for Sustainable Development and Dartmouth College offer examples of using Fair Trade Learning in their programming. Click on the link below for the whole presentation.

Tansey, J., Hartman, E., Kuhn, L., & Ogden, A. (2015, Mar 26). International education and ethical community partnerships: Considering Fair Trade Learning. Presented at The Forum on Education Abroad Conference, New Orleans, LA.

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