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June 7, 2017

Higher education’s role in the work of democracy has never been more important or more contested than it is right now.

That’s why we want you to share your stories of this work with us at our 2018 National conference.

Join us, and over 500 of your closest colleagues working to advance the public purposes of higher education, to share information about the practice, the research, and the partnerships that drive our movement. 

At our 2018 National Conference we will:

Come together to hear and to tell the stories of that work.

Learn from each other about the practice of bringing people together across differences in pursuit of shared values and goals.

Challenge ourselves to understand how we can more effectively communicate to a broader public the part higher education plays in creating the communities and the country we seek.

Build a diverse web of faculty, staff, administrators, students, and partners committed to higher education’s public purposes.

Submit your session proposal by June 30th, 2017

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