Safety for Female Travelers

June 17, 2013

Why are we talking about solo female travel, not violence against women?


That’s the question that perpetual traveler Jodi Ettenberg asks at the beginning of her thoughtful essay, Revisiting the Solo Female Travel Experience. As an educator, I appreciate her mix of experience, data, reflection, and thoughtful tips for safe travel today. This kind of essay can be shared as a class reading before departure, mixed with assignments to peruse content-based pieces like the US State Department’s Resource Page for Female Study Abroad Travelers or assigned in conjunction with an article by a licensed therapist and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, such as, Sexual Harassment and Prevention in College Students Studying Abroad.

Together, these reflective essays, resource sites, and expert articles provide students with perspective, information, and tools to prepare for safe study abroad experiences. Below are a few more resources. If they’re not listed here, I’d love to hear about your favorite similar resources in the comments section.

The Women Travel Guide from Transitions Abroad 

Colby College’s Diversity and Study Abroad Page

Iowa State’s Study Abroad Resource Page for Special Populations

Please add additional resources below. I’m also interested in resources and reflective articles relating to LGBTQ safety and support. – EH

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