The Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) offers free, online teaching resources to engage college students in creative and critical thinking about civic engagement and democratic renewal. Each Renewing Democracy Teaching Collection is easy to access and integrate into courses across disciplines, and includes:

  • three or more solutions journalism stories published by reputable news outlets and curated for educators;
  • six to eight discussion questions aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy of cognition to “help teachers teach and students learn;”
  • robust teaching notes that provide pedagogical support for integrating solutions-focused education about civic engagement and democratic renewal into any course;
  • features to make it easy to edit collections to align with course learning outcomes.

Both students and educators can also access the Solutions Story Tracker with more than 10,000 solutions journalism stories, each one vetted and tagged for searching on issues such as climate change, education, health, and poverty. The world is making progress on solving these tough challenges, and students need to know that. Solutions journalism stories, and teaching resources based on them, are an effective and compelling way to share this knowledge with your students. Click here to read how educators are integrating solutions journalism stories into their teaching, and here to learn more about solutions journalism.