At Queens, we believe that an education should not just lead to a job, but to an understanding of what it means to be a responsible citizen – in our communities and in the world at large.  Our motto is “non ministrari sed ministrare,” or “not to be served, but to serve.”  This motto shapes the everyday expectation and experience of all members of our campus.

With a long and rich history of community engagement, Queens is committed to integrating, deepening, and expanding its commitment to action as a signatory to the Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement.  Through thoughtful reorganization, leveraging existing assets, and the development of newly identified areas of opportunity, Queens Civic Action Plan will help our university continue its efforts to become a more engaged campus, and better serve both the campus and Charlotte communities.

Strategic Goals

1. Integrate and expand the alignment of Academic Affairs and Student Life to provide holistic community engagement programming, while deepening the connections between community engagement and diversity and inclusion.

2. Use the recently completed audit of university wide community engagement activities to expand engagement opportunities in alignment with Queens’ Strategic Plan.

3. Foster the culture of community engagement through curricular integration beyond the general education program, expanding opportunities for service learning at the department level and within majors.

4. Identify a common set of standards for the assessment of both academic and co-curricular engagement activities to more accurately measure impact on both student learning and partner goals.

5. Cultivate civil discourse through an expansion of Queens’ inaugural series of deliberative dialogues, through:

  • Exploration of the potential to integrate deliberative dialogue into the university and major curricula.
  • Increased opportunities for students to engage in deliberative dialogue through Student Life programming.
  • Targeted professional development through Queen’s Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence.

6. Increase opportunities for engaged scholarship through:

  • Recognition of engaged scholarship in tenure and promotion.
  • Targeted professional development through Queen’s Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence.