At Antioch University New England, our Problem-Based Learning concentration uses the highly regarded Critical Skills Classroom. Since 1986, the Critical Skills program has offered educators a powerful set of learning experiences in support of classroom and school change initiatives through the MEd program as well as via institutes and workshops through the Antioch Center for School Renewal. The Critical Skills Classroom is a comprehensive approach that creatively and effectively integrates four powerful teaching methodologies:

    • collaborative learning
    • experiential learning
    • problem-based learning
    • standards-aligned/ competency-based learning
The Critical Skills Classroom is a mindset in which the teacher and the student are co-learners, engaged in the same learning process but focused on different learning goals.  Students in the Critical Skills Concentration will not only learn about the CSC, but through it, learning with program faculty who are current k-12 teachers and leaders and who have significant experience and success implementing Critical Skills in their own classrooms.