In this webinar, hear perspectives from colleagues in Europe about Russia’s ongoing invasion with support of Belarus in Ukraine and its impact on higher education. Learn more about what is going on on the ground from government, policy, and student perspectives, and listen in for information on what higher education can do to help locally and globally.

A representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine will present the situation of higher education in Ukraine after the invasion, outline Ukraine’s needs and priorities in terms of assistance for both short term and longer term, and talk about how this assistance could be coordinated. The Vice President of the European Students’ Union will give a students’ perspective and will speak from his double experience as a student leader both at the European level and in Poland, the country that has so far received the highest number of refugees from Ukraine. The former head of the Council of Europe’s Education Department will speak about the impact of the invasion on European cooperation, in particular in higher education.


  • Kateryna Suprun, Acting Head, Digital Transformation of Education and Science Expert Group, Directorate of Digital Transformation, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Jakub Grodecki, Vice-President, The European Students’ Union (ESU)
  • Sjur Bergan, Former Head of Education Department, Council of Europe

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