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    Solar Action Alliance Scholarship

    Solar Action Alliance is a group of environmentalists who want to spread the word about the most clean, reliable, and abundant source of renewable energy: the sun. To further spread the solar message and give back to the community, they created a $1000 Solar Scholarship. All scholarship details can be found here: https://solaractionalliance.org/scholarship/ Requirements: -You must be (or planning on being) a full-time student at an accredited institute of higher education. -In order to verify this, you must provide us an official statement verifying your enrollment. -You must have at least a 3.2 (out of a 4.0 scale) GPA.

    CPV College Prep for the SAT

    This resource encompasses a comprehensive list of preparation sites and materials for the Scholastic Assessment Test. http://www.bestcollegereviews.org/college-prep-for-the-sat/

    CPV Scholarship Search 9-12

    This one-page resource outlines how to guide high schools through a broad scholarship search based on academic merit, athletics, heritage, and more. Scholarship Search 9-12

    CPV Get to Know Yourself 9-12

    This step-by-step guide will help CPVs to guide youth and adult learners through the Get to Know Yourself Activities on the Michigan College Access Portal. MCAP- Know Who You Are

    CPV College Search 9-12

    This one-page document will aid CPVs in introducing the youth and adult-learners they serve to College Search activities and what factors are important on their decision of where to apply. College Search 9-12

    CPV College Knowledge Bingo 9-12

    Help high school students learn about important college FAQs with this worksheet, which can help guide your CPV activities while working with 9-12 grade students. College Knowledge Bingo for High School Students

    CPV Career Planning 9-12

    Help high school students with MCAP career planning, brought to you by Mentor Michigan’s College Positive Mentoring Toolkit; these worksheets can help guide your activities while working with 9-12 grade students. Career Planning 9-12

    CPV Job Match 9-12

    Help high school students understand the level of education necessary for certain careers. This exercise was brought to you by Mentor Michigan’s College Positive Mentoring Toolkit. Job Match 9-12

    Value of Education 9-12

    Help high school students learn the average earnings based on various levels of degree completion. This resource is adapted from the original published by Mentor Michigan’s College Positive Mentoring Toolkit. Value of Education 9-12