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    Public Good Course: Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association

    COURSE DESCRIPTION The course is designed to present a professional development forum for students seeking certification in Nonprofit Management/Leadership from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. The course brings students together to examine professional preparation and practice issues through a series of activities that encourage critical analysis and self-exploration. The course serves as a professional network, a support group, a source of critical thinking exercises and a point of implementing student activities for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association. The course is unique hybrid learning environment that offers a blend of “professional association” and “student organization” type activities. COURSE GOALS The course…

    Business Administration SL Course

    Course Description This service leadership course is designed to blend academic study with community service (through service-learning). In this course the students will form consulting teams to serve non-profit organizations by applying business concepts and skills to mutually agreed-upon projects. In this approach, all parties to the arrangement are seen as learners and teachers as well as servers and served. Dealing with issues related to service projects, reflection, and evaluation will be essential elements of the course.   This is not a traditional lecture course. Since the course is designed to be taken by students during their Senior year, the…