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    Preparing Future Faculty

    Preparing Future Faculty is a national network of academic leaders reshaping graduate education to include preparation for the full range of faculty roles subsumed by the terms teaching, research, and service. Participants observe and experience how these responsibilities can be carried out at a wide range of academic institutions with varying missions and diverse student bodies.Preparing Future Faculty is a collaborative effort of colleges and universities organized into clusters led by a doctoral institution. Although each cluster of institutions or departments has a different approach, all seek to give doctoral students a fuller sense of what the academic profession is…

    Engaging Communities and Campuses

    Council of Independent Colleges’ Engaging Communities and Campuses project builds on current and past CIC initiatives on service-learning, college/community partnerships, and college urban missions. The $2.5 million grant funding the project is the largest in CIC’s history.Project OverviewThe Engaging Communities and Campuses program focuses on the ways that private colleges and universities engage with off-campus communities both to enhance student learning and (simultaneously) to assist community organizations and residents in meeting their own agendas. The overall project revolves around the following premise: To prepare students for a lifetime of contribution to society, colleges must enable students to connect with the…


    Civnet, published by CIVITAS, is a Web site for civic education practitioners (teachers, teacher trainers, curriculum designers), as well as scholars, policymakers, civic-minded journalists, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) promoting civil society all over the world. civnet includes textbooks, lesson plans, original journal articles and book reviews, civic news headlines, events listings, organizational contacts, and a lot more. Civnet is unique in that it provides an international electronic resource where teachers may instantly receive and download teaching , scholars may read the bi-monthly articles of thought and opinion, and use civnet’s to find a world of other civic Web resources, and…

    Faculty Guide for Relating Public Service to Promotion and Tenure University of Illinois

    Faculty Guide for Relating Public Service to Promotion and Tenure. Definitions, Examples of Kinds of Service. Documentation, Criteria, Evaluators. Advice on preparing service dossier for tenure.Guide

    Service Dossier Recommendations Queens College

    Service Dossier Recommendations and Form.Recommendations

    Evaluating Service University of Utah

    Evaluating Service- Learning as a Component of Teaching in the Tenure Process.Evaluating Service

    Faculty Development Program Milligan College

    Faculty Development for Service Forms.Faculty Development Program

    Promotion and Tenure Documents Middle Tennessee State

    Promotion and Tenure Documents. Definition, Documentation.Documents

    Effective Faculty Evaluation Kansas State University

    Effective Faculty Evaluation. Definitions, Evidence, Criteria.Evaluation

    Promotion and Tenure Documents Sam Houston State

    Promotion and Tenure Documents. Criteria, Forms.Promotion and Tenure Documents

    Promotion and Tenure Documents Nicholls State University

    Promotion and Tenure Documents. Criteria of Excellence.Documents

    Faculty Activity Reports on Service Kennesaw State

    Faculty Activity Reports on Service. Faculty Profiles/Weighting Systems.Report

    Report of Task Force on Faculty Reward System U.C. San Diego

    Report of Task Force on Faculty Reward System. Definitions, Documentation, Criteria, Faculty Development.Report

    Faculty Evaluation System Elon College

    Faculty Evaluation System. Definitions.Faculty Evaluation System

    Faculty Manual College of Charleston

    Faculty Manual. Definition, Documentation, Criteria.Faculty Manual

    Faculty Handbook Drury College

    Faculty Handbook. Forms. Criteria. Faculty Development.Faculty Handbook

    Annual Review of Faculty Performance Southern Arkansas University

    Annual Review of Faculty Performance. Forms, Documentation. Criteria.Review

    Merit Pay Program University of Alabama

    Merit Pay Program. Documentation. Forms.Documentation

    UC Davis Report on Service

    1991 Report on Service. Definitions.Report

    Faculty Handbook Hampshire College

    Faculty Handbook. Faculty Profile.Handbook