Writing Studio One

February 1, 2001

Course Description
WRT 105, Writing Studio One. develops student abilities to use writing for learning, thinking, and critical reading of complex texts. Workshop discussions and practice in the basic elements of the writing process are central to WRT 105.

Course Overview
As do most sections of WRT 105, you will be doing a variety of writing and reading activities designed to increase your understanding of and proficiency in the writing process. You will be asked to compose three “formal” essays, a few informal essays, and a lot of short reflective pieces and other types of writing. You will be reading various and diverse texts. Lastly, you will perform community service over the final ten weeks of the course.

Service Learning in WRT 105
This section of Writing Studio One is a Service Learning section. As students enrolled in this section you will be performing community service as part of your course work. This service will serve as a foundation for many of your writing assignments in the second and third units of the course. You will have a wide variety of service options, and I will make every effort to match you with a service opportunity that best meets both your skills and interests (and your schedule too). The service requirement is mandatory for this section, but not exceptionally large. I expect each student to complete 25 hours by the end of the semester (roughly 2.5 hours per week for the last ten weeks).

In light of this requirement, this section has a lightened reading load and will have a few Fridays off, during which I will have extended office hours.
In past service learning courses, I’ve been able to match a VPA major with a middle school band which she was able to direct one day a week. A civil engineering student served with the Engineering Department at a local hospital. I’ve had pre-med students serve in ER’s. With a little luck. and sonic consultation between us we can usually come up with a placement that you will want to go to.

What You Will Write
As noted, there will be three major “formal” papers for this class, one for each unit. During the first unit, we will be looking at autobiographical writing we will read several short autobiographical pieces–and your final unit one project will be a 5-7 page autobiographical essay.

The second and third units will focus on your service projects. During this time, you will write weekly reflections describing and analyzing your experiences. Your unit two project will be a 5-7 page reflective essay about these experiences.

Your unit three project will be an 8-10 page exploratory essay. You will explore an issue which arises from Your service experiences –you will use research to support, develop, problematize, dispute, discover. etc., some aspect of your service or service site. You will have a great deal of latitude regarding what you write for these last essays; you will therefore be writing proposals at the start of the third unit.

Since sophisticated writing emerges from sophisticated thinking and a sophisticated process, I will often require you to look at your topics from unusual and at times unsettling angles. I also expect you will discuss your writing with your classmates both in class and out.
As polished writing emerges, we will arrange occasions to have several readers respond to student work-in-progress. Usually polished papers go through several drafting phases, including a written peer review. As a grader, I tend to focus equally on product and process. Furthermore, I may ask you to turn iii rough drafts or shorter related writings with your final papers.

Note: you should never turn in the only copy of a final draft of an assignment. I will expect you to keep either a hard copy or e-copy of all papers turned in for this class.

Course Materials: Available at Follett’s
Reading Critically, Writing Well. Axelrod, Rise B., and Charles R. Cooper
2 or 3 3.5″ DD Macintosh computer disks

You should also be prepared to provide Xerox copies of your work for everyone in the class (or in your peer response group) at various times during the semester. CNY Printing and Copy Services (Marshall Square Mall), Alteracts, and the library offer low cost, self-service copying. Plan on spending about $10-15 for copies required in WRT 105.

Grading is an inherently subjective affair. I will be asking you, at the end of the semester, to write a short discussion of your work for this class, remarking upon your grades, attendance, participation, service experiences, effort, and other factors which may influence your grade. We will use as a guideline (with emphasis on the word guideline) the following formula for determining final grades:

Unit one final paper20%
Unit two final paper20%
Unit three final paper50%
Informal writing10%
Participation +/- 15%

You should come to class every time with questions or comments regarding the readings, the assignments, your service experiences, or the previous class. I don’t take well to claims such “I only speak when I have something to say.” Nor do I especially appreciate students whom I consistently have to call upon to participate. It is your job in my class to have something to say-and something worth saying. I rely heavily on class discussion and will often alter the syllabus to accommodate points of un-expected interest that arise during discussion.

Attendance is mandatory. Since I frequently will depart from the syllabus, you will want to contact a classmate to determine what was covered in class and what the assignment is, should you miss class. Missed classes will impact heavily on your participation grade.

Late work
Work turned in after the deadline-for any reason-will be penalized severely. I may grant extensions in some cases, but I do not grant extensions the day a paper is due, nor very often the day before a paper is due.

Students who need special consideration because of any sort of disability should make an appointment to see me.

During units two and three, a service reflection will be due every Wednesday. During units two and three, on Fridays when there is no class, I will be in my office during class time.

Schedule In Class Homework
Unit One
Week one
Mon 8/30 Course intro Read Syllabus
Unit one intro Read PP I – 11 in reader.
Wednesday 9/1 What is autobiography? Read pp 12-29
What is “good” autobiography?
Friday 9/3 Discuss reading Write interest snapshot
due 9/8
Week Two
Mon 9/6 No Class Labor Day
Wednesday 9/8 In class writing/ mini-workshop Read PP 29-39 Revise in class writing
Anecdote: “The day I ”
Visit from CPCS Fill out placement forms
Friday 9/10 Discuss reading Interview friend about
anecdote. Write new version
due 9/13
Week three
Monday 9/13 The ethics of writing Read PP 40-6
Whose story is it? Turn in placement forms
Wednesday 9/15 Continue discussion from Monday Begin unit one project
Discuss unit one project brainstorming. Project due
Friday 9/17 Brainstorm topics for project Begin drafting project
Complete first page/ intro for
Week four
Monday 9/20 No Class Yom Kippur
Wednesday 9/22 Workshop first page/ introductions Continue drafting project,
Friday 9/24 In class writing Complete first draft for 9/27
Week five
Monday 9/27 Workshop project drafts Turn in revised version on
9/29. First reflection due 9/29
Unit Two
Wednesday 9/29 Intro unit two
Schedule first visit to site By 10/4. Read PP 63-5 Get mission statement
Friday 10/1 Discuss reading. What is reflection? Read pp 117-127
Why reflect?
Week six
Monday 10/4 Discuss reading. Writing for meaning. Read PP 131-141, 101-108
Informal “Mission St.” essay
due 10/13
Wednesday 10/6 Discuss reading. In class writing: Re-Visit place. Revise in class
“Typical Place” writing
Friday 10/8 Workshop in class writing Write!!!!
Week seven
Monday 10/ 11 Discuss service. Why are we doing it? Complete informal
And how are we going to write about it? essay
Wednesday 10/13 Discuss unit two project Unit two project due.
Read PP 108-116,153-160
Friday 10/15 No class Autumn break
Week eight
Monday 10/18 In class writing, unit two project Read ppl46-152. Continue
drafting project. Opening
section due 10;/27
Wednesday 10/20 Discuss reading, Gather additional documents from site
Friday 10/22 No class
Week nine
Monday 10/25 Workshop opening sections Interview volunteer at site by 11/1
Wednesday 10/27 Small group activity continue drafting
Friday 10/29 No class
Week ten
Monday 11/1 Small group activity/in class writing Finish drafting unit two Project
Wednesday 11/3 Workshop unit two project revise unit two project
Final draft due 11/8
Friday 11/5 No class
Unit three
Week eleven
Monday 11/8 Intro unit three Brainstorm paper topics
Wednesday 11/10 Discuss paper topics Read PP 290-306, Write Proposal for Monday
Friday 11/12 No class. Last Friday off, enjoy
Week twelve
Monday 11/15 Discuss reading. Establishing cause/effect Read PP 335-352
Wednesday 11/17 Discuss reading. Offering a solution (cause) write opening for To solve (effect) project
Friday 11/19 Workshop openings Continue drafting
What kinds of support will be necessary for your claims?
Week thirteen
Monday 11/22 In class writing/ short conferences Continue drafting
Read PP 323-334,
Wednesday/ Friday 11/24,26
No class Thanksgiving break
Week fourteen
Monday 11/29 Discuss reading. Small group activity Continue drafting
Wednesday In writing activity Read PP 403-8, 420- 431
Friday Discuss reading/ TBA Complete first draft
Week fifteen
Monday 12/6 Workshop final projects Revise projects
Wednesday 12/8 Peer editing workshop Polish projects
Friday 12/10 Last day of class. Final project due

School: Syracuse University
Professor: James Ineich
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