Which states are using CPV?

April 4, 2016

The implementation of CPV, though a flexible curriculum, can be challenging for those in regions with specific demographics, schools with particular needs, those with concerns related to existing resources, and so on. The resources below give you an overview of how CPV works in different states around the U.S., highlighting the states that have reported usage of the CPV curriculum. This is not an acknowledgment of all who are using the resource, but this is an effort to capture at least some.

Connecticut: Campus Compact in Connecticut manages to conduct trainings upon request. This tactic allows them to have the training service available whenever interest is indicated. Check out their platform here.

Florida: The College Positive Volunteerism Toolkit is joined to the Connect 2 Complete program to promote all three: college access, success, and retention across the education continuum. This is a unique approach of CPV usage. For more information, click here.

Massachusetts: The term “College Positive Volunteerism” was first coined by Massachusetts Campus Compact. It has been implemented in colleges and universities through the network of VISTAs. The VISTA network has proved to be a great way for campuses to adopt CPV. Two separate trainings have been facilitated by MACC VISTAs 2016, one in Framingham State university (which certified members from three mentoring programs) and one in Wellesley College.

Michigan: Michigan has the largest knowledge pool of CPV because most of the curriculum originates from Michigan. For more ideas and information about program integration, go to their website.

New Hampshire: A VISTA conducted a mock-training of CPV for future trainers in New Hampshire. This meeting’s attendees included other VISTAs as well as community service directors from different schools in the state. For more information, click here.

North Carolina: The curriculum of CPV was broadened by those in North Carolina to include information for transfer students, undocumented students, and non-native English speakers. These changes contributed to the national revision in 2015. To look at the curriculum put forth by North Carolina, click here.

Utah: Utah adopted the CPV curriculum from Michigan and made it applicable to their region. For more information click here.

Vermont: Vermont has had CPV for a while. Paul Hernandez had a conversation with those at the Campus Compact State Office, and later on a VISTA from national conducted an online webinar, introducing CPV to all the Vermont VISTAs serving in 2015-2016.

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