UC LEAD (Union College Leadership Education and Development)

March 23, 2015

Union College just completed its first year as one of twenty-four higher education institutions participating in the Bonner Scholars Program. Although the college has provided opportunities for students to serve the community throughout most of its history, the partnership with the Bonner Foundation has granted increased excitement and new possibilities such as resources and sources for training, and direct financial support for low-income students.

In an effort to expose students to the three-way connection between one s own personal values, beliefs and culture; the college s mission and vision; and the needs of the community, the college developed the UC LEAD (Union College Leadership Education and Development) process. Through the avenues of self-exploration, practice, and reflection the UC LEAD process provides skills for meaningful service and ultimately, preparation for life long learning, civic involvement, and personal responsibility.

Using a model outlining “”stages”” of personal development ranging from Exploration to Integration and Expertise, students are challenged to connect the impact areas of service (self, campus, community) with elements of their own personal mission statements and the mission and vision statements of the college.

What can I explore and discover about my community, region and self? How do I increase my levels of awareness of diversity? Where and how could I begin? How are terms such as social justice and reflective thinking defined?

Where should I focus my interests? How can planning help me to be a more effective servant-leader? How do I become a better listener and how is that important? How do I develop skills such as identifying real needs and developing creative solutions?

How can I apply my leadership training and experiences to be a more effective mentor? How do my actions affect others?

How can I integrate my experiences into my academic interests and career and life plans?

Through intense and active training, hands-on experience, and guided reflection, we expect that Union College graduates will serve, in some capacity, as catalysts for positive social change and model citizenship the rest of their lives.

Union College - KY, Kentucky
President: Roger H. Hull
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