“Trends in Nursing” students attend “Nursing, the Community and Legislation” seminar

March 24, 2015

Four students enrolled in Trends in Nursing attended a seminar at the New Jersey State Nurses Association regarding the legislative process. As a result of what they learned from the seminar, the students interest was piqued, motivating them to follow a bill through the legislative process regarding mandatory overtime. Subsequently, they attended a senatorial committee meeting where they witnessed first hand the importance of their participation in the political process, as well as how their support and involvement could make a difference within the community. After reflecting on their experiences, they decided to prepare a document describing this process as well as developing an internship for future nursing students within the Trends Class, in cooperation with the New Jersey State Nurses Association. Through their service learning, the students are leaving a civic legacy about the legislative process so that future students will be able to learn and benefit.

Website: http://www.raritanval.edu/departments/HealthScience/index.htm#teaching

Raritan Valley Community College - NJ, New Jersey
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