Translating Community-Based Participatory Research Principles into Practice

June 23, 2015

Research partners from the University of Pittsburgh, the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy, and the House of Ruth Maryland, one the nation’s leading domestic violence centers, joined together to design, implement and evaluate a series of activities to increase local CBPR capacity. Two workshops held for both academic and community members to explore how to put CBPR principles into practice are described in this article. Workshop participants interpreted and revised CBPR principles into common language through consensus, and provided a range of actions for putting principles into action. The article concludes that translating CBPR principles into common, action-oriented language is a useful first step when building a new academic-community research partnership.

Burke, J. G., Hess, S., Hoffman, K., Guizzetti, L., Loy, E., Gielen, A.,…Yonas, M. (2013). Translating community-based participatory research principles into practice. Progress in Community Health Partnerships, 7(2), 115-122. Full Text.

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