The Pipeline Project

February 24, 2015

The Pipeline Project recruits, trains, and places students as volunteer tutors in the schools throughout the academic school year. Orientations are held twice weekly in the Pipeline offices. Personal placement allows individuals to tailor their tutoring experience to accommodate their areas of interest.

Pipeline also offered an EDUC 401 seminar for credit each quarter entitled “”Inner Pipeline””. Students tutor in the schools 2.5-5 hours per week as well as attend a bi-weekly seminar focusing on current educational topics. Student also complete a research paper or project on a topic they choose. Seminar topics include general K-12 tutoring, math and science, poetry and art.

The Pipeline Project offers student the opportunity to spend their spring break in a rural community of Washington working on literacy and art projects with local schools.


University of Washington - WA, Washington
President: Dick McCormick
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