Tenure and Promotion Portfolio Exemplars

August 2, 2012
  • Liese, L. H. (2002). Personal statement for final tenure review, University of Utah. liese-personal-stmt.doc
    • Tenure review statement by social work faculty member who presents himself as a “civically engaged scholar, an identity which I believe is not only reflected in my research, teaching, and service but which, importantly, allows me to integrate my scholarly activities in these three critical areas.” (Used with permission.)
  • Stanton, T. (2009). Interview with Hank Liese, associate professor-social work, University of Utah. Inverness, CA. stanton-liese-interview.pdf
    • This interview summary provides reflections from Hank Liese on his tenure review process at the University of Utah. Serves as context and background to Liese’s “Personal Statement” (Liese, L.H., 2002), above. (Used with permission.)

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