Student Civic Leadership Resources

October 11, 2016

Campus Compact enables colleges and universities to educate students for lives of citizenship and leadership in a democratic society. Our work is grounded in a fundamental respect for students as agents of change, including change in their own learning environments. We recognize the power of experiential learning and the necessity of augmenting good intentions with an understanding of context, policy, and real world impact. These principles undergird our approaches to supporting students’ development as civically engaged citizens and leaders. Through our Newman Civic Fellowship, we support a cohort of community-committed students in their development as public problem solvers. In addition to this direct support for student leadership, we also maintain a library of models and resources to elevate best practices for engaged teaching, research, and partnership development.

The resources below are organized by the learning outcomes of the Newman Civic Fellowship but are intended to serve as resources for all students interested in becoming more effective public problem solvers and those campus and community educators supporting their development.

Asset Mapping

Attracting Resources to Advance a Cause

  •  Simon Sinek’s TED talk, “How great leaders inspire action”
  • The Radi-Awards run by the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund is an initiative that challenges stereotypes in development fundraising and annually lifts up examples of creative fundraising

Resource organizations on storytelling

Resource organizations on fundraising

Funding Resources

  • Kickstarter to help fund  new project or initiative
  • GoFundMe to help fund projects, organizations, etc.

Awareness of Self


Addressing group conflicts:

Community Organizing

The following organizations all provide resources and training for community organizing and/or civil resistance:

  • Other resource organizations for community organizing

Cultural Competence & Social Intelligence

Cultural Competence

Social Intelligence

Design Thinking

Root Cause Analysis

Systems Thinking

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