Service Learning Meets the Environment at Clear Lake

April 6, 2015

Joel Ostroff, an associate professor of microbiology at Brevard Community College, has designed a microbiology service learning component where students test the school’s lake water to determine if it is safe for plants, animals, and humans. Students from the course are trained in the use and maintainance of the equipment and in turn teach local underprivileged teenagers how to conduct the tests as well. Brevard students are not required to participate in the service, but recieve an extra 10% on their test grade, which accounts for 50% of their course grade.

Contact: Joel Ostroff at or 407.632.1111 ext 62550

This information originally appeared in “”Science and Society: Redefining the Relationship”” by Stephen Miller. Published by Campus Compact, 1996.

Brevard Community College - FL, Florida
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