Service-Learning Course Design for Community Colleges

January 9, 2018

This volume offers hands-on guidance for creating effective service-learning courses in the community college setting. Themes addressed include syllabus design, course models, learning outcomes assessment, and documenting innovative teaching for faculty advancement. 


Table of Contents:

Foreword: On the Purposeful Engagement of Community College Students—Kay McClenney

Introduction: Campus Compact, Service-Learning, and Community College Engagement—Donna Killian Duffy

Chapter 1: Using Service-Learning to Build Attainment Pathways—Robert Franco

Chapter 2: Best Practices for Creating Quality Service-Learning Courses—Amy Hendricks

Chapter 3: Stand-Alone Service-Learning Courses and Models—Marina Baratian

Chapter 4: Assessing Service-Learning Outcomes—Tanya Renner

Chapter 5: Service-Learning and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning—Donna Killian Duffy

Conclusion: The Next Nexus: Classroom and Community, Community and Word—Robert Franco


Marina Baratian, Donna K. Duffy, Robert Franco, Amy Hendricks, Roger Henry, Tanya Renner Foreword by Kay McClenney

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