Rural embedded assistants for community health

June 23, 2015

This paper seeks to inform rural community-university partnership practice. It describes the Rural Embedded Assistants for Community Health (REACH) Network, a unique community-university partnership aimed at improving rural health services by identifying, implementing, and evaluating innovative health interventions delivered by local caregivers. By sharing first-person accounts from five stakeholders in the Network, this paper describes the partnership-related challenges that the Network faced, as well as the strategies for success that the Network developed.

Brown, L. D., Alter, T. R., Brown, L. G., Corbin, M. A., Flaherty-Craig, C., McPhail, L. G.,…Weaver, M. E. (2013). Rural embedded assistants for community health (REACH) network: First-person accounts in a community-university partnership. American Journal of Community Psychology, 51(1-2), 206-216. Full Text.

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