Rosalyn Jacobs Jones

March 10, 2009

former Consulting Corps member

Name: Rosalyn Jacobs Jones
Title: Associate Professor
Department: English
Organization: Georgia Perimeter College
Phone: 6784069425
Address: Clarkston
Atlanta, GA 30341
Brief Biography:
Dr. Rosalyn Jacobs Jones served as Campus Compact's Engaged Scholar for the Indicators of Engagement Project and has given numerous workshops on the Five Thematic Groupings of the Indicators of Engagement for colleges and universities interested in improving their civic engagement. She co-authored One with the Community: Indicators of Engagement at Minority-Serving Universities, wherein she profiles successful community engagement at HBCU's. Dr. Jones is an Associate Professor of English and has been instrumental in incorporating service-learning in the liberal studies program as well as major level courses. She is an experienced grant writer and has directed numerous service-learning grants. Her expertise includes innovative course design and meaningful community service activities that have been designed and implemented to help to close the achievement gap and increase retention.

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