Public Good Course: Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association

June 21, 2016


The course is designed to present a professional development forum for students seeking certification in Nonprofit Management/Leadership from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. The course brings students together to examine professional preparation and practice issues through a series of activities that encourage critical analysis and self-exploration. The course serves as a professional network, a support group, a source of critical thinking exercises and a point of implementing student activities for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association. The course is unique hybrid learning environment that offers a blend of “professional association” and “student organization” type activities.


The course will be conducted with a “professional perspective.” The objectives of the course are to involve students in a variety of theoretical and applied learning experiences to develop:

1. Increase knowledge of the foundation and history of the human services profession.
2. Increase knowledge of the range and types of nonprofit organizations and professional development and support opportunities.
3. Increased knowledge of the current critical trends and issues in professional practice.
4. Improved ability to apply the principles and procedures of quality organization leadership and decision-making.
5. Improved ability to serve as a committed professional by promoting, advocating, interpreting, and articulating 
the concerns of human service systems for all populations and services.

See below for full syllabus:

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance SL – University of Northern Iowa 2016

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