Presidential Public Leadership Program: preparing students for careers in public service

March 23, 2015

The Hunter College Presidential Public Leadership Program is designed to give students the opportunity to interact with former and current government officials and to observe leaders from the public sector. The Program allows the College to expose its students to examples of effective leadership and to help them recognize and develop such qualities. The ultimate goal is to encourage and prepare Hunter students for careers in public service. Senator George J. Mitchell is the inaugural speaker in The Hunter College Presidential Public Leadership Program. Senator Mitchell will be conducting a series of seminars to students who have been prepared for this historic visit through special courses given in the Departments of Political Science (“”Independent Study in American Government and Politics””) and History (“”The History of the Northern Ireland Peace Process.””) Senator Mitchell will also be delivering two major addresses to the Hunter College community one on the importance of public leadership and the other on the historic peace accords in Northern Ireland.


Hunter College - NY, New York
President: DAVID A. CAPUTO
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