Pedagogy and curriculum integrating community-based learning

April 7, 2015

The Evergreen State College s history demonstrates a substantial commitment to community service in academic programs and in the personal lives of faculty and staff. The five foci of Evergreen s pedagogy and curriculum (interdisciplinary study, personal engagement in learning, linking theory and practice, collaborative work, and teaching across significant differences) are integral to community-based learning.

In May 1998, a Task Force studying community-based learning at Evergreen found that:

  • In a typical year over 800 students earn credit through internships.
  • 46% of faculty respondents said they include community-based projects in their curriculum.
  • 68% of faculty respondents include other forms of community service, such as service projects or volunteer work, in their programs.
  • 90% of faculty respondents and 95% of staff respondents are involved in community service work.

One example of community-based learning at Evergreen is at our Tacoma campus, whose motto is: “”Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve.”” Every senior at the Evergreen-Tacoma campus is required to complete a public service project as a condition of graduation.

Web (Evergreen public service centers)

Web (Tacoma campus community service)

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