Participatory video: toward a method, advocacy and voice (MAV) framework

May 1, 2015

This article presents a new conceptual framework of participatory visual media as method, advocacy and voice (MAV) by exploring an action research study, in which advocates from the disability community created and distributed a series of videos about love and sexuality as a critical human rights issue in the disability community. The author proposes that considering these three areas (i.e. method, advocacy, and voice) as overlapping, rather than being mutually exclusive, offers an integrated way of understanding collaborative media practices that are community-based and action-oriented. Methodological, practical and ethical considerations for collaborative research that involves public distribution are also addressed.

Sitter, K. C. (2012). Participatory video: toward a method, advocacy and voice (MAV) framework. Intercultural Education, 23(6), 541-554. Full Text.

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