PAR Project: Regis University

April 7, 2015

This project focused on a lower-income, ethnically diverse, inner-city neighborhood of Denver, Colorado and utilized a variety of strategies to involve neighborhood residents in research on youth cultures, youth crime, and police and judicial responses to youthful offenders.

First, the project drew upon existing campus-based community service programs in the neighborhood to create research teams, which conducted in-depth interviews with neighborhood youth and other residents, neighborhood community leaders and activists, and local police officers in order to uncover perceptions and concerns about youth and youth crime. Information from these interviews will in turn provide directions for subsequent research. In this way, the project involved neighborhood residents in setting the research agenda; exposed and investigated perceptions and misperceptions about youth cultures and crime; and sought to open lines of communication.

The project concluded with a public forum on the Regis University campus, open to membersof the Regis community and the larger neighborhood alike. Here, the research teams presented the findings; neighborhood residents discussed the research and provided their perspectives; and all involved worked on possible solutions, and set agendas for further campus/community collaboration.

Contact: Jeff Ferrell at 303.458.4206

Regis University - CO, Colorado
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