PAR Project: Racism

April 7, 2015

Racism in the employment arena continues to have devastating effects on racial and ethnic minorities in the US. To be excluded from opportunities for meaningful employment and advancement is to be denied access to the fundamental pathways to esteem and credibility in our society. This PAR project began to challenge instances of discriminations in our local community.

Working with representatives from the employment sector, concered citizens from the community and the university initiated an effort to document the extent and nature of employment discrimination in our county, and to analyze its historical and contextual influences. The results of this research will be used in the development of educational materials intended for all sectors of the local community towards a sustainable change in employment practices. Furthermore, the structure of this communtiy-university liaison will be institutionalized as a regular part of a university course offering on racism in American society.

Contact: Jennifer Greene at 607.255.2506

Cornell Universtiy - NY, New York
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