PAF 110: Public Service Practicum

February 1, 2001

Course Overview
Through the completion of a 35 -hour community service requirement, journals, written paper assignments, and the attendance of four class meetings, the goals of this 1 -credit course are for students to:

?Develop a sense of responsibility and commitment towards public service;
?Improve their understanding of the societal problems that affect members of the Syracuse community;
?Identify the strengths and weaknesses of using volunteers at community agencies; and
?Relate community service experiences and issues to the assigned readings.

You will complete the given reporting calendars and obtain a signature from your agency supervisor each month. In addition, the instructor will conduct agency visits throughout the semester. Students are to complete all 35 hours of their service requirement by May 5, 2000.

Required Class Meetings
?Tuesday, January 25, 5:30-6:50pm: Course Orientation/Placement Selection,
Tuesday, February 15, 5:30 – 6:50pm: Reflectional Agency Histories Due
Tuesday, March 21, 5:3 0 – 6:50pm: Experience Reflection, Habits of the Heart -Chapters 1, 3,6,7
Tuesday, April 25, 5:30-6:50pm: Reflection and Evaluational Final Papers Due

Since there are only four class meetings, students MUST ATTEND ALL FOUR. Each meeting missed without proper verification according to the guidelines outlined in the Syracuse University student handbook will result in a ten point reduction (or one letter grade) from the student’s final grade.

Class meetings are used to discuss community service experiences and how the assigned readings and paper assignments relate to the experience. At the interim meeting on March 21, 2000, students will work in groups to identify common problems faced by their agency and those it serves with respect to using volunteers. During the final class meeting on April 25, 2000 students will complete an agency evaluation assessing the level of supervision received and the quality of the overall experience.

PAF 110: Public Service Practicum

* All class meetings will be held in 108 Maxwell Hall

Required Readings

Bellah, Robert N. et al. Habits of the Heart. Harper & Row: New York, 1985, or Glassman, Bernard Available at the Orange Student Bookstore

Journal Format:

Journals are due each class meeting in. Complete one entry for each week that you go to your agency. Each entry should be typed at approximately one page (double-spaced) using a heading that includes your name, the agency you are completing your service, and the dates and times you served that your journal entry is in reference. Include several or all of the following:

Description of the duties you performed; Observations on how your agency functions and how their “clients” are served; Initial reactions to agency and clients; later reactions to agency and clients; Discussion of the societal problems facing those your agency serves; Observations of the degree to which the agency uses its volunteers effectively; whether they are or not, in your opinion, describe what criteria you are using to assess effectiveness; Integration of the text as it applies to your service experience.

Although journals are to be written in an informal manner, you are expected to not only describe your service experience but to reflect on your experience using the points mentioned above. The instructor will provide comments to your journals which will be made available on the following Friday.

Assignments and Weights:

Community Service Completion and evaluation 35 hours

Written Journals
Class Participation
Final Paper Assignment
Total 100 points

Electronic Mail

Since this class meets only periodically, it is extremely important that you check your e-mail account frequently to note any changes in meeting times or locations (especially with Syracuse’s snow season). You are encouraged to contact the instructor by e-mail with any questions or problems.

Late Paper/Late Journal Policy:

Students will lose five points per day off their total paper grade for any late written assignments. Each day a journal is late will result in a one-point deduction from the total number of points that can be earned (out of 10 points). I am not sympathetic to tardiness to class, late papers or any other assignments that are late. Assignments are due on the date listed in this syllabus, there are no exceptions, so don’t ask!

Community Service Calendars

Monthly calendars will be provided to you for the purpose of recording and verifying your community service hours. Completed calendars are due during the first week of the following month; for example, your January calendar will be due during February 1-5, 2000. Therefore, you will have monthly calendars due during the following weeks, 2/1-5, 3/1-4, 4/1-5, and the final calendar is due immediately following completion of your service hours. I am not going to hunt you down for your calendars. If calendars are not handed in to me, it will be assumed that you had no hours to submit.

All service hours must be completed by May 5, 2000.

Student/Agency Contract

The following page contains a student/agency contract that is to be completed by the student and their agency supervisor. The contract enables the student and agency supervisor to agree upon expected service hours, duties, and supervision. All students must submit completed contracts no later than February 15, 2000to Michelle Walker in 102 Maxwell Hall. You will lose 10 points for late contracts. Students cannot begin completing their service at their agency without submitting a completed contract.

Student/Agency Contract
Spring 2000

Your Name:
Name of Agency and Address:
Agency Supervisor:
Agency Phone/Fax:

I hereby agree to complete my 35 hour internship requirement at the above agency according to the schedule given below. My agency supervisor will oversee and evaluate my service work for PAF 110.

1. Student’s Responsibilities and Tasks (please list):

2.Student Hours:

1. If, for extreme and unavoidable reasons, I must change my service schedule I will inform my agency using the following procedure:

2.If my supervisor is not available, I will work under the direction of


3. List any additional or special considerations on the part of the student or agency.

Student Signature Date Agency Supervisor

** Submit this form to Michelle Walker by February 15,2000**

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