Moravian College Civic Action Plan

March 27, 2017

Moravian College is pleased to submit our Civic Action Plan as part of the 30th Anniversary Action Statement. This plan is comprehensive and ambitious, bringing together multiple stakeholders from different corners of the community and campus to work toward one common goal: increasing opportunities for students, faculty and staff to contribute the common good. Through increased data collection, assessment of programming, working collaboratively with faculty, and listening to the student and community voice, we indeed to diligently work toward the following goals:

  • Campus-wide Day of Service
  • Staff and faculty participate in The 1742 Experience (a pre-orientation experience for incoming freshman) and/or Staycation (an alternative break opportunity for students to stay in the Lehigh Valley and engage in service over spring break instead of traveling)
  • Solidify an additional Community Partnership School
  • Stronger, more unified partnerships with existing community organizations and schools
  • New partnerships within the immediate community; diversifying the portfolio of opportunities offered to students
  • Implement Community-Asset Mapping
  • Opportunities for students are direct, diverse, and action-focused
  • Service opportunities are offered during new student orientation
  • Students are employed as student workers within the Civic Engagement division of The Center for Career and Civic Engagement
  • Students are engaged in an e-porfolio program during service with a distinct connection to pre-, during, and post reflection
  • Admissions is coached and oriented to Civic Engagement initiatives and priorities so they are listed, explained and acknowledged
  • Reflection is comprehensive and expected
  • Enrollment management and Student Success Mentor programming (retention program) collaborates with Civic Engagement office
  • Service immersion programs, including Alternative Break are an institutional staple
  • There will be transportation available to students, faculty and staff to engage in service
  • Uniform background check system for all student volunteers, including process, collection and maintenance of records
  • Assessment specific to Civic Engagement efficacy, satisfaction, and best practice
  • Service Learning classes are assessed for content, frequency, and effectiveness
  • Alumni are considered true advocates and partners in our work
  • In-Focus themes are consistently tied to service initiatives and projects
  • Majority of students will have participated in a course that provided a service experience
  • Institutionally defined and agreed upon definition of service
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