Migrant Community Project

March 23, 2015

Rural central Pennsylvania hosts a transitory and semi-permanent migrant community serviced by education and social welfare agencies. These agencies function in a climate of resource loss due to federal, state, and local downsizing. Students need opportunities to experience multicultural, real-life situations preparing them for careers and responsible citizenship. The Migrant Community Project, a collaboration between Bloomsburg University professors, the SOLVE and Admissions offices, and local education and social welfare agencies benefits all involved. The Project’s goal is to challenge the University and relevant service agencies to facilitate the concept of service-learning by developing an interdisciplinary teaching and research process that fosters responsible citizenship and experiential learning.

Project Overview developed through Bloomsburg University Strategic Planning Funding from 1996-98. The Migrant Community Project established an alliance between Bloomsburg University, the SOLVE Office, the Admissions Office, the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit Northeast Migrant Education Program and other agencies that service the migrant population in this region. This alliance provides a wide range of meaningful opportunities for Bloomsburg University faculty and students including research, service-learning, internships, teaching, mentoring, tutoring and program development.

To date, professors and their students from Curriculum & Foundations, Anthropology, History, Languages & Cultures, Nursing, and Sociology & Social Welfare and various athletic coaches and their players are involved with The Migrant Community Project.

Three annual campus events are crucial to The Migrant Community Project: the Spring Northeast Migrant Family Day, the June Student Leadership Overnight, and the Fall Student Leadership Day. This year, six Migrant Ed students are enrolled in the Congressional Awards through Senator Santorum and our Student Leadership Overnight fulfills one of the requirements. These events are invaluable for the migrant population as well as for Bloomsburg University. Students participate in organizing the conferences, facilitate workshops, and serve as mentors throughout the day.

The Migrant Community Project provides opportunities for faculty and students and supports the University’s strategic goals. This “”out-of-classroom”” learning experience prepares students for careers, improves relationships with community organizations, challenges students to perform at their highest academic potential, allows them to explore other cultures and helps foster mutual respect and understanding. Likewise it improves the quality of teaching and fosters interdisciplinary education and research at Bloomsburg University.

Contact person: Dr. Susan Dauria, Anthropology Department

Bloomsburg University - PA, Pennsylvania
President: Jessica Kozloff
Contact Person: Contact person: Dr. Susan Dauria, Anthropology Department

Information online at www.bloomu.edu/departments/anthro/prog.html
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