Metropolitan State University of Denver Civic Action Plan

March 30, 2017

MSU Denver is pleased to submit its Civic Action Plan in response to President Stephen Jordan’s signing in 2016 of the Campus Compact Civic Action Statement. This plan is the product of a committee of faculty and staff that convened specifically for the task of completing it. MSU Denver has a well-established record of commitment to community engagement and civic learning. Our intention with this plan is to accelerate and deepen that institutional commitment. Implementation of this plan will ready the University for its 2020 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.

The plan’s objectives, in chronological order, include:

Establish a University Civic Engagement Committee charged in part to identify gaps and create an action plan for addressing them. Spring 2017
Establish an updated visual representation of civic engagement at MSU Denver in order to clarify the goal of institutionalizing civic ethos, civic literacy, and civic inquiry. Summer 2017
Leverage the ongoing work of the American Democracy Project, the Applied Learning Center, Student Engagement and Wellness, D-Phi, and elsewhere to enhance the value and visibility of what is already happening at the University. Fall 2017
Identify champions of a civic ethos and the resources/hubs that will help align academic programs to the mission of civic and democratic engagement. Fall 2017
Determine who is responsible for assessment of civic engagement outcomes and how findings are shared and used for improvement. Fall 2017
Build upon existing practices and design new protocols to ensure comprehensive assessment. Fall 2017 to Spring 2018
Tie assessment to University and General Studies learning outcomes as appropriate. Ongoing
Determine a solution to creating an inventory of partnerships and their impact. Spring 2018
Partner with University leadership and Marketing and Communications to ensure that civic engagement is a critical component of MSU Denver’s engagement with the community. Ongoing
Provide opportunities to reflect on and celebrate successes. Ongoing


By following the timeline above, MSU Denver will undertake an inclusive process toward achieving the four recommendations made in A Crucible Moment (2012), which are to:

  • Foster a civic ethos across all parts of campus;
  • Make civic literacy a core expectation for all students;
  • Practice civic inquiry across all fields of study;
  • Advance civic action through transformative partnerships.
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