Merck Family Fund

April 2, 2013

One of the Merck Family Fund’s goals is to restore and protect the natural environment and ensure a healthy planet for generations to come. The Fund provides grants to nonprofit organizations that address one of the following four priority areas: The Promoting Energy Efficiency program supports state and regional policies in the Northeast and Southeast that provide incentives and subsidies for energy efficiency implementation. The Conserving Ecologically Valuable Land program provides grants for land conservation projects in the Southeastern U.S. The Urban Farming and Youth Leadership program supports initiatives in low-income urban areas in the Northeast that help young people to create urban farms and local markets. The Making Paper Production Sustainable program seeks to increase the rates of recycled paper in large paper sectors, reduce sourcing from endangered forests, and maximize clean production nationwide. Letters of inquiry may be submitted throughout the year. The upcoming deadline for invited proposals is August 1, 2013. Visit the Fund’s website to learn more about the program areas.

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