Making College Happen – Central Michigan University MI Gear Up

April 30, 2015

Central Michigan University’s (CMU) GEAR UP program, started through a grant from Michigan Campus Compact, incorporates College Positive Volunteerism (CPV) into their existing MI GEAR UP programming by establishing a cohort of college student leaders who recruit additional college students to serve with youth, expose them to higher education and let them know that college is achievable, accessible and affordable.

Each year, two student leaders:

  • Assemble teams of at least ten additional students to be trained as College Positive Volunteers;
  • Connect CPV teams with opportunities to serve as college access resources to MI GEAR UP youth;
  • Work with the teams helped to coordinate and implement GEAR UP events and activities with a CPV focus;
  • Recruit and train additional college student volunteers to serve within MI GEAR UP programming; and
  • Work towards creating a structure to sustain CPV efforts for future years.

The CPVs serving with GEAR UP at CMU help host and staff several large-scale events for their GEAR UP cohort. Every student who serves with CMU’s GEAR UP program is first trained in CPV, integrating the training into their core components and values. CPV has become so ingrained at CMU that all other offices on campus send student volunteers to be trained through the CMU GEAR UP program before serving in the community. Central Michigan University, as an institution, has truly embraced CPV.


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