“Life Line: Teen Empowerment through Tutoring, Mentoring and Counseling”

March 24, 2015

Over the years, Morris Brown College has supported many projects throughout the Greater Atlanta community through various community service projects and through service-learning. These projects, coordinated under the umbrella of the Center for a Global Workforce and Community Service, have involved Morris Brown students, faculty and staff. One of our projects is Life Line: Teen Empowerment through Tutoring, Mentoring and Counseling. The project is run in coordination with a local teen center and involves students from the Criminal Justice and Social Science Department.

During the academic year, Morris Brown students provided tutorial, mentoring and counseling services for the Harland Teen Center. Male students from Morris Brown provided tutoring and counseling for the male participants in Harland s after school program and also engaged the young men in conversations about academic success, career objectives and the importance of matriculating to college as a means of becoming self-sustaining adults. Women students from Morris Brown were involved in the Teen Center s Smart Girls project. The ultimate objective of this project is for girls to develop healthy attitudes and lifestyles. To accomplish this, the program addresses health and social issues that are specific to young women. Smart Girls is designed to prepare girls, ages 10-15, to make positive decisions at this critical stage in their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Both of these components of the Life Line project focus on the importance of developing strong mentoring relationships with young people at an early age to make a difference for them in their life decisions while they are pre-teen.

Although the Smart Girls project and the male mentoring component are important pieces of the Life Line initiative, other aspects have contributed to the overall success of the project. Specifically, the project has contributed to interdepartmental collegiality at Morris Brown and has instilled in Morris Brown students the value of teamwork. Our students have been provided an opportunity to hone and develop skills that are necessary for working with young people who have demonstrated a need for personal and intellectual nurturing. Finally, the project has made an extremely important contribution to Morris Brown College s effort to forge stronger community ties. The facilitators have gotten to know some of the community leaders associated with the teen center and they have developed a stronger mentor relationship with Morris Brown students.

Morris Brown College - GA, Georgia
President: Dolores Cross
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