Kathleen Rice

March 10, 2009

Excellent facilitator; Great communication skills; Excellent writer; Deeply knowledgeable about service learning, national service field, higher education, campus compact, and faculty development; Experience working with numerous higher education institutions. Expertise in diversity and cultural sensitivity work.

Name: Kathleen Rice
Title: Independent Consultant
Department: -
Organization: K L Rice Consulting
Phone: 5104822422
Fax: 5104822422
Email: klriceconsulting@mac.com
Address: -
Oakland, CA 94619
Brief Biography:
Kathleen Rice brings a passion for creating more equitable, inclusive, meaningful and caring communities to her work in community service learning, diversity education and leadership development. She incorporates what she has learned from over 20 years of experience with various educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and from the Corporation for National and Community Service, into her consulting work. She has worked in 6 universities from the U.S. east coast to the west coast as a member of the academic affairs and student affairs staffs, and as a member of the faculty, and has consulted with many more. Her experience teaching and coordinating a required, lower division service learning course at California State University Monterey Bay taught her a great deal about the power of effective service learning and about the complexities of building authentic, equitable community/university partnerships. Much of her work focuses on building awareness and skills for engaging in cross-cultural conversations and working toward social justice. She is particularly interested in working with others interested in exploring the impact of many forms of privilege, and has long been a participant and teaching assistant of the UNtraining, a program for unlearning white liberal racism in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kathleen's strengthens lie in her ability to facilitate meaningful conversations and collaborative work.

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