Karin Cotterman

March 10, 2009

Strong faculty development training skills; excellent experience in working with faculty at a research university and integrating service-learning

Name: Karin Cotterman
Title: Associate Director for Engaged Scholarship
Department: Haas Center for Public Service
Organization: Stanford Univeristy
Phone: 4155133461
Fax: 6507257339
Email: karinc@stanford.edu
Address: 808 Crescent Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Brief Biography:
My professional experience includes providing leadership, direction and strategy for service-learning activities related to courses and community-based research. I have also taught courses on service-learning pedagogy and approaching research with communities, as well as composition and creative writing. Additionally, I have experience establishing new service related programs within a university, as well as working with a well-established center for public service. I have interest in just partnerships, international service, ethical considerations in service, the intersections of identity and service, inspiring service professionals, and work-life balance for professionals and students who serve.

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