Joseph Kahne

March 10, 2009

Strong researcher on civic engagement with K-12; strong knowledge of service-learning

Name: Joseph Kahne
Title: Abbie Valley Professor of Education and Dean
Department: School of Education
Organization: Mills College
Phone: 5104303275
Fax: 5104303379
Address: 5000 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94618
Brief Biography:
Joseph Kahne is currently the Abbie Valley Professor of Education and Dean of the School of Education at Mills College. He studies the democratic purposes of education and urban school reform. He is currently conducting a statewide study of the civic/democratic commitments, capacities, and activities of high school students in California and of the distribution and impact of school-based opportunities that aim to develop citizens for democratic citizenship. He is also conducting a longitudinal study of the civic implications of young people's use of the internet and other forms of digital media. He is just completing (co-directed with John Easton of the Consortium on Chicago School Reform) a three-year study of Chicago's high schools and the small school reform effort in particular. Recent publications focus on statewide surveys of civic education practices and outcomes, on the factors that promote desired civic outcomes, and on the civic opportunity gap. In addition, Dr. Kahne serves in an advisory capacity to several civic initiatives, organizations, and foundations.

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