John Loggins

March 10, 2009

Excellent workshop presenter; Youthful african-american male presenter with excellent understanding of service-learning implementation on a small, faith-based college campus; Dynamic presenter; Easy to work with

Name: John Loggins
Title: Assistant Director
Department: Office of Community Service-Learning
Organization: University of San Diego
Phone: 6192604798
Fax: 6192607835
Address: 5998 Alcala Park
Maher Hall 218
San Diego, CA 92110
Brief Biography:
As a Peace Corps volunteer I found a true passion for service. The relationships I was able to build and the challenges I encountered truly gave me my most meaningful learning experiences. As a service-learning practitioner, I work to create and facilitate these opportunities for students to engage the community and use reflection to help them process ideas like diversity, inclusion, power, and privilege. My strengths include building relationships and creating networks within the community. I also have a tremendous amount of experience working with and encouraging faculty to effectively incorporate service into their curriculum.

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