Jackie Schmidt-Posner

March 10, 2009

Jackie has over 2 decades of experience in service-learning. She is a strong presenter, having led many service-learning presentations to various audiences over the years. Great at doing SL 101 or strategizing about institutionalization at Research Universities.

Name: Jackie Schmidt-Posner
Title: Interim Managing Director
Department: Haas Center for Public Service
Organization: Stanford University
Phone: 6507239181
Fax: 6507257339
Email: jsp@stanford.edu
Address: 562 Salvatierra Walk
Stanford, CA 94305
Brief Biography:
My academic background is in student development and educational policy and organization, particularly in higher education. I bring these perspectives to my 20+ years as a staff member at the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University. Interests and experience lie in three major areas: (1) Facilitating student learning and leadership development through involvement in community and public service—as participants and as student leaders. (2) Institutionalizing public service/civic engagement in the university. (3) Research with a public purpose—helping students to make connections between academic scholarship and value to the community. For 7 years I have directed the Public Service Scholars program, a program for students writing senior honors theses who want their research to also be useful to the community. I have also been working with the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education on finding other ways to support students who want to connect their service and their academic research.

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