Incentive system, “”Pace Rewards: A Community development program””

March 23, 2015

Pace University, with its multiple campuses, has emphasized the development of leadership and citizenship. The leadership challenge at Pace University in New York City stems from a student population that is largely urban, commuter-based, and career driven. Three years ago, a group of civic-minded students collaborated with the Student Life Staff to explore better ways to broaden student participation in activities that promote several core values of the institution: diversity, technology, globalism, wellness, and citizenship. In several “”think-force”” meetings, the students developed an incentive system that gave points to student organizations who aligned their organizations’ goals to these values. The program has evolved into “”Pace rewards: A community development program.”” This year, 31 out of 60 active student organizations chose to participate. The rewards are incentives to entice the students into programs that they may not otherwise consider. Once involved, the students become their own best advocates of responsible participation in their community. The empowering effect has been dramatic.

On our Westchester campuses students are consistently developing leadership and citizenship skills through a broad array of volunteer and community service activities. A recent example is the Hudson River Marine Sanitation Act, which is an initiative to develop legislation for consideration by the New York State Legislature. Working in partnership with the Hudson River Keeper, students in a political science class in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences have formed the Hudson Environmental Legislation Project (H.E.L.P.). The proposed bill would require marinas on the Hudson River to install pump-out facilities thus meeting federal requirements for the River to be declared a No Discharge Zone. The class has expressed the desire to be the lead sponsor and is recruiting the support of local State Assembly and Senate representatives including the Chair of the New York State Assembly Committee on Environmental Protection and New York State Governor George Pataki.

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Contact person: Dawn Knipe, Assistant Dean for Students,

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Contact Person: Contact person: Dawn Knipe, Assistant Dean for Students,

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