Improving Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Health

June 23, 2015

In principle, CBPR projects and partnerships aim to be equitable and reciprocal. However, only a few cases exist in literature in which the community partners are leading the research process as academics play a supporting role. This paper describes the cases of two non-academic national organizations that have lead research efforts, utilizing “distinct but complimentary strategies pertaining to research and data” (Cook, 34). The authors argue that these cases may exemplify a unique paradigm for CBPR, in which non-academic national organizations can partner with smaller community-based organizations in research projects. The paper concludes that promoting community-driven research requires flexible funding mechanisms and effort relevant to the work of community partners.

Cook, W.K., Weir, R.C., Ro, M., Ko, K.L., Panapasa, S., Bautista, R. … Islam, N. (2012). Improving Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander health: National organizations leading community research initiatives. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action, 6(1), 33-41. Full Text.

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